Lavender's Story

The Beginnings

Lavender Savingz is building a team of visionaries which was founded on faith the size of a mustard seed and God is the company's foundation.

I, Michelle Small founded Lavender Savingz in 2016 and it is the Sui Generis Online Department Store that you'll love. We do not only sell, we have a personal touch to our customers, perspective customers and followers via our website and social media outlets.  We are called Lavender "Savingz" with a Z because there's always a promotion that allows you to save on our trending, quality merchandise.

Life has so many different stages, so we as living beings face real life, and do not always think about shopping. And we understand that and can relate like no other online store.  We post inspirations and uplifting content on our social media to give a boost of encouragement to get you through.  Therefore, we are just not here to sell merchandise, we are real people, who cares and see life from all angles. 

On the other hand, our research team is always at work to enhance communication strategies to better serve you, and we pride to our mission "The Shopping Experience" and the goal is to get the trending merchandise on our online shelves.

Seeing Beyond the Bounds to Charity

A portion of earnings will be donated to charity through our own foundation which is in the creative process.  Giving back and making lives better to people whom are unfortunate is big on our hearts. There are tons of broken countries and people in the world that need people who care and we'll be apart of the building process shortly.  That will be announced via blog posts and email newsletters once up and running!

Our Merchandises are Hot and...

  • They Trend. 
  • They Bend.
  • They Can be Worn.
  • They Can be washed.
  • They Hang on the Wall or Ceiling.
  • They Glitter, Shine and Sparkle.
  • They Light Up A Room
  • They're Colorful
  • They Change Lives.
  • They Give New Beginnings
  • They Last a Life Time

Aiming for the latest and the hottest is a must because we focus on demand and then supply.  Our inventory also has everyday non trending products because we have different departments. 

Come an Join us on the Shopping Experience  

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